Richard Bechler’s Endorsement

“Mike Trainotti has been the general corporate counsel for Bechler Corp. since 1998. He has been very involved, as a team member, with management regarding the leasing and sale of the company’s 1,000,000 square feet of industrial properties.  He has a very good knowledge of different approaches for the sale of property and the income tax consequence.  He attends all the board and shareholder meetings concerning both the legal and tax impact of both the current and strategic company planning.  He keeps us out of trouble.”
Richard Bechler,
Chairman of the Board

Jim Normandin’s Endorsement

“Besides being a former chairman of the Memorial Medical Center Foundation, Mike Trainotti has also been involved with it in many other ways.  He has participated as a speaker to other professional at the Foundation educational seminars.  He and I have worked together on numerous charitable planning opportunities for various individuals to preserve their family wealth.  Lastly, he successfully defended the foundation in protecting its interest as a charitable beneficiary in a published appellate court case.”
James F. Normandin, 
President of Memorial Medical Center Foundation,
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Daniel K. Walker Endorsement

“Michael Trainotti has been representing three generations of the Walker Family since 1992.  During that time he has help the Walker Family achieve its goal for the multi generational transfer of key family wealth to Walker generations at a minimum transfer tax cost.  He has an excellent understanding of preserving family wealth dealing with both closely held assets and real estate. He is always on the leading edge of various types of tax planning matters and business entity selection.  Mike understands very clearly the economics of assets and how to apply them to a proper legal structure.”
Daniel K. Walker 
Chairman of the Board, Farmers & Merchants Bank;
President, Farmers & Merchants Trust Company of Long Beach

Special Editorial From Apartment Management Magazine

“This is the first special editorial of this magazine since I have been the owner.  I want to briefly share with you my recent experience of successfully navigating the “land mine field” of keeping your family business amidst family changes.
The first land mine was reducing the death tax owed following my father’s death.  The second major potential hazard was avoiding any attacks by other beneficiaries on my father’s desires regarding the ownership of this magazine.
The simple key to avoiding these potential land mines was proper planning with an experience professional.  Michael Trainotti, who has written many articles for this magazine, was the attorney I used to make sure I would be able to keep this magazine after the death of my father.
The death tax may be eliminated in the future.  Most of us would greatly welcome this repeal.  That doesn’t mean planning has come to an end.  Michael Trainotti’s article will give you an insight regarding why planning is still necessary.”
Donn R. Smeallie, Jr.
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